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Claire Birch

Claire’s began flying at Cranfield when she was 14 following a gift voucher lesson from her Dad. She soloed on her 16th birthday, then joined the University Air Squadron aged 18, flying from RAF St. Athan.


She joined the RAF as a Weapons System Officer (Navigator), and became operational on the Tornado F3 following training on the Grob Tutor, Tucano, Hawk and Dominie, accruing 500 hours as rear seat aircrew.


After 10 years in the RAF, Claire subsequently qualified as a PPL fixed wing pilot at Tayside Aviation in Dundee, and has also obtained her New Zealand PPL, with 150 hours in total. While completing the ATPL exams and hour building in preparation for her CPL training, Claire has taken on the role of Safety Officer at Tayside Aviation.

Claire’s hobbies outside of aviation include running, surfing and skiing. Most recently, she has been learning Norwegian. She also has two gorgeous beagles, which may find their way into the back seat of G-EVIE...

Rachel Foyle

Rachel was first introduced to light aircraft flying at Compton Abbas Airfield, with the opportunity to backseat a flight in a Piper Warrior. Following the experience, she began her PPL training at Prestwick Flight Centre aged 16, and soloed later that year. Enjoying both dedicated training flights in Cessna 150/152s, and informal pleasure flights with local aircraft owners, she gained her PPL fixed wing at 18.


After completing an MA Mathematics and English at St. Andrews University, including a project on Aerodynamics, Rachel has transferred her flying training to Tayside Aviation. She gained her night flying rating, and currently with 150 hours, is enrolled on the BSc Professional Pilot Aviation Practice course. She is completing the ATPL exams whilst hour building in preparation for further flying training.

In addition to flying, Rachel enjoys swimming, music and art. She recently completed a six month internship in Vietnam. While there, she experienced delicacies ranging from fish stomachs to dog. Perhaps Claire’s beagles will be safer staying at home...

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